Construction Services

We act as a single point of contact and have a reputation for delivering project quality, cost and schedule adherence. Greython Construction’s General Construction services embrace the “Lean Construction” approach, and our communication with our clients make us a leader in the industry.


It is our passion to construct visually stunning, sustainable buildings that positively impact the people, environment, and communities that surround them. Greython Construction has built luxury hospitality properties domestically and internationally. Our team works seamlessly to deliver hospitality projects where the smallest attention to detail is perfect and we are able to over deliver on your expectations.


We strongly believe in taking the burden off of our clients so they can focus on the success of their business endeavor. Our team has a wide variety of construction experience ranging from restaurants to multi-million dollar hotels. Our knowledge, experience, and expertise in this fast paced and chaotic environment, combined with our passion for performance, allows us to be the choice for companies and entrepreneurs in the retail and restaurant industry. We understand that time is money. Because of this, we emphasize both quality and efficiency on every project.


Greython Construction is an expert multifamily construction and property renovation company. With has a proven track record for building and renovating projects on time and in budget, Greython has become the partner of choice for many leaders in the multi-family industry.


Greython’s retail and commercial division is known across the country for their expert knowledge and unparalleled expertise. In retail, every day you are not open equates to lost revenue and money in your pocket. We are dedicated to delivering your projects on time, early and on or below budget every time.


Greython Construction has extensive experience in industrial construction, across multiple industries.

Greython not only offers experience, competitive pricing, but a commitment to quality and workplace safety. No matter the project size or complexity, Greython is committed to delivering quality craftsmanship that supports the operations of your business.

Greython Construction

Greython Construction has extensive experience in general contracting, construction management, design/build and owner’s rep services for the hospitality construction, resort construction, commercial construction, multi-family residential and single-family residential construction markets.

We Provide The Most Cost
Effective Project Options

We work with owners’ design teams to provide the most cost effective project options which limit risk exposure and enhance value.

For Multi Family Residential Construction our dedication to excellence in service and craftsmanship sets the bar in everything we do. Greython Construction is a name built on trust and driven to be the very best construction contracting firm in the country.

Provides More Scheduled Reliably,
Saves Money And Reduces Costs.

From big box retailers to locally owned businesses, franchise businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve collaborated with many and constructed for a vast array of industries. We incorporate lean construction practices which is a highly collaborative delivery process that focuses on clearly identifying the customer’s expectations while maximizing value and eliminating waste during the design and construction process. Lean Construction increases all contractor’s productivity, produces higher quality, creates flexibility to match owner requirements, provides more scheduled reliably, saves money and reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.


Strong project management is one of the hallmarks of our firm. To successfully manage complex projects, Greython Construction has developed a variety of management techniques, each focused on the common goal of successfully implementing a great design
We are a team of planners, project managers, construction consultants and builders who have extensive experience in hospitality construction, resort construction, commercial construction, multi-family residential and single-family residential construction markets.
Every firm has a set of strengths that separate it from all others. We have the distinct ability to drive challenging projects to completion. We excel at complex projects where the standard solutions don’t apply. We are able to see the big picture and maintain focus for ourselves and our clients.

We get projects approved. The firm has strong working relationships with jurisdictions all over the country. We understand zoning regulations and how to best apply them to the project at hand.

We understand the many challenges facing developers in today’s world and our team is prepared to work closely with you to address these many challenges


If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please leave your contact information below and a member of our leadership team will reach out to you directly.